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Makoto, why god why fucking god. why i just watched the last episode. OH GOD why can't this be this way. WHY did he have to fucking die.

I was sitting in my boxers and eating my fruit loops and going 'Makoto is going to get with her' and then she comes from behind, and he got stabbed

And I was bawling like crazy. Why the fucking god was he dying? why was he fucking getting killed. i thought he'd fight back, but he just got stabbed again and again

im crying so much right now. why the hell did this fucking have to happen. oh god why the fucking god

i did what he's doing with two girls; i thought makoto was the right way. OH GOD im going to die oh god please send me an e-mail at

I need your help because im scared I'm going to die. PLEASE GOD PLEASE