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Official good to awesome but all worthwhile movie list, no special order:

Millennium Actress - Drama/Romance
Only Yesterday - Drama/Slice of Life
Jin Roh - Science Fiction/Drama
MindGame - Comedy/Slice of Life
Dead Leaves - Action/Comedy
Robot Carnival - Science Fiction/Omnibus
Memories - Science Fiction/Omnibus
Horus: Prince of the Sun - Adventure
Digimon Our Wargame - Action/Adventure
One Piece Movie 6 - Action/Adventure
Crayon Shin-Chan: The Adult Empire Strikes-Back - Comedy/Slice of Life
TokiKake - Drama/Comedy
Whisper of the Heart - Slice of Life
The Cat Returns - Comedy/Slice of Life
Princess Mononoke - Fantasy/Adventure
Ghost in the Shell - Science Fiction
Innocence - Science Fiction
Patlabor - Mecha/Science Fiction
Patlabor - Mecha/Science Fiction
End of Evangelion - Mecha/Science Fiction
My Neighbors the Yamadas - Slice of Life
Grave of the Fireflies - Drama

Remind me of more stuff.