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In this topic, I will tell you why Rossiu is my hero. You people might hate this guy, but honestly, he is a mother fucking genius. He lived in the underground with some old fuckers and was pimping it down there. He looked like an ugly motherfucker at his age, but he still had respect.

He then grew up, gained a gang of nerds with brains over 50032, and totally owned everyone. He woke up the Spiral King and totally fucked Kittan's sister in the ass more times than any other male on the show.

He got hit in the head with a rock, got pissed, and totally was ready to go more emo than a school shooter and let all these fagtards die. He didn't care if you had a cyber going on with a 12-year-old on MSN, this fucker had his cock dedicated to you.

So he shot up his dick, manned up, and was ready to blow you guys up for his own soul. If it wasn't for Simon the virgin, he would of totally been King of the new world.

It all ended with him almost be an hero, but Simon saved him, he got his bitch back, and in the end - like it should of been, he was the God of the new land while Simon was a hermit.

/a/, Rossiu hates you.

But God dammit, I wanna rape him so badly my cock is dripping