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This is all just too depressing.

This whole /jp/ business. I've been lurking for five hours, and neither board has had anything fun except that CP poster a little while ago. /a/ has been nothing but 'what does /a/ think of ____', image dumps and shounen trolling. /jp/ has been nothing but Touhou image dumps and learning japanese. In fact, it's been like this the entire time.

But it all really got me when I get so bored I went through the stickies. Just like the generalized selection on both boards now, there were either people sucking up to moot, or people who got b&. The other one is /jp/ was just random discussion. I think the only reason I haven't done anything all day was because of withdrawal from my ban for drawfagging against the split.

Then there's the people. It seems like Cirno is the only tripfag against it, the rest of them went straight to moot's feet. There are the others who just blindly repeat themselves, saying to open two tabs. It's the content that's wrong, not the separate directories. And then there are the 'a ___ thread? On /a/?' Stop acting to fucking surprised. What was keeping YOU from making a topic on them? What, you expect everyone else to form a discussion around your lone post?

But I digress. As long as it says /jp/ in italics, there's still hope. Than again, maybe one day it'll become permanent, and with it so will the slowness, boringness and faggotry become set.