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Pissing off the fangirls made easy:

Step 1. Bring up 'Ouran High School Host Club'. Indicate that you think it's a really good example of a mainstream title about gay and lesbian characters.

Step 2. There aren't really that many gay characters? Haruhi is the main character and she's gay.

Step 3. If aren't running for your life at this point, make the following points:

- Haruhi is a crossdresser, and was before the Host Club got hold of her.

- Haruhi's father is a crossdresser and works at a tranny bar. He's likely bisexual learning towards gay.

- Haruhis mother was a huge fan of the Zuka club, indicating she was at least bi-curious.

- Haruhi's first kiss was with a girl.

- Haruhi has no problems whatsoever performing her father's job in her own club.