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Every Monday I volunteer at the library (see top half of pic). Sometimes I put books away and sometimes I man the front desk, depending on how many people we get that day. Well, this week I was at the front desk wearing my Yukari Yakumo shirt. It's a shirt I made that has a picture of Yukari peeking through a boundary (see bottom half of pic). It's one of those iron-on things. Anyways, at about three in the afternoon, a balding, hefty man who looked to be in his late 30s (at least 10-15 years older than me) comes up to check out a biography of Immanuel Kant. He hands me his library card and I do the whole process. As I put the due-date slip in the pocket on the inside cover, he indicated my shirt and said, "Ooooh, you like Miss Yakumo too, eh?" I stared at him for a minute but decided to bluff it and said it was a present from my young cousin, Jenny (I don't like to talk about anything /a/-related in public). Apparently it worked because he got a look on his face like he had just accidentally told the Soviets about a huge new secret American weapon, and left in quite a hurry. He even forgot his book.