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Gentlemen, I like SaiGAR.
Gentlemen, I like SaiGAR.
Gentlemen, I love SaiGAR.

I like trolling.
I like campaigning.
I like spamming.
I like image dumping.

In Animesuki, on /a/, in Narutofan, in Gaia, on /jp/, in AnimeNewsNetwork, on /b/, in Deviantart, in Gamefaqs, in Gamespot.

I like asking strangers to vote, I like driving to Internet cafes to vote. I like calling family members and telling them to vote, I like basing my schedule around the times for code generation. I like proxy voting.

I love every aspect of Saigar that takes place on this Internet.

I like flooding 4chan with images of the character I’m supporting.

When a popular character is outvoted with a 3-1 ratio, my heart dances.

I like debating the definition of GAR at three in the morning.

When all but one character from Gurren Lagann was eliminated in the third round, my heart leapt.

I like it when people bitch about female characters progressing.