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A brown fox walked through the Earth Ninja Village. She happened to live near the edge of the village. Her name was Athene, after the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War strategies. Of course, she was naturally smart and strong, but she was once in a while a hot-headded knucklehead. She was around 13 years old, and was a Chunnin. She wore a yellow tank top, dark blue jeans, a ear piece hanging on her left ear that was an upside-down cross with unusually sharp ends, red ninja sandles, and a red headband tied around her tail with her village's symbol on it, showing she was a master at Tijutsu. She was always the shy, loner of her team, which consisted of a young dark blue male wolf named Blake, and a bad-tempered porcubat named Chozz. All of them we good at different jutsus, Athene being tijutsu, Blake genjutsu, and Chozz ninjutsu. Athene always seemed to be straying away from the village alot on her own, always comes back talking about her visiting a friend fron Konoha, far from here. Was it true?