One Piece Movie 10

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Movie is scheduled to be shown in the Spring of '09

Movie 10 slated for 2009, is the original movie under the supervision of Eiichiro Oda. The keyword here is "Golden Lion" (?)

Teaser opens with a scene of many bounty posters.

One of which is for the "Golden Lion", which is handed to Garp (Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp)

Scene changes, and Shanks too is also looking at the bounty.

Scene changes again to the Whitebeard Pirates & Edward Newgate also looking at the that bounty.

Scene changes to the Strawhats walking down a dark hallway together (talks about the clothes they're wearing, how they look LA~LA~LA )
Brooke's in this too!!!

Is this perhaps a Marine HQ? Why would the gang be in a place like that? They enter a traditional Japanese-style room with food lined up neatly, many of the top Marine brass are here attending a meeting.

Nami places a letter down on the table in the darkness, with a sticker symbol of an orange on top.

It finishes at that point.
Holy shit, not a retelling! Sounds epic.
What does /a/ think?