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>What It's About: A kid named Simon and his best friend Kamina literally dig themselves out of a hole, smashing their way up to the surface of their world for the very first time. Not long after that, of course, they may wish that they'd stayed down in their buried underground village – the surface is ruled by marauding Beastmen, who have a bit of a tactical advantage in the form of their enormous Ganmen mecha.

>It's not like they're completely defenseless, though. Simon has his versatile mini-robot, Lagann, Kamina has his giant hijacked Ganmen named Gurren, and they both have a valuable ally in the surface-dweller Yoko and her six-foot electromagnetic sniper rifle. Together, the fledgling "Gurren Squadron" is going to make the surface world safe for humanity…at least that's the idea, anyway.

>"Gurren Squadron"