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1. Why does Kira love Christmas? Because there's no L!

2. What does kenshiro drink? WATTA!

3. What did Char say when he stubbed his toe? Gundam it!

4. Why is Light like a lift? Because he’s an L evader!

5. What is Dio's favorite bread? WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

6. What do you call when you have an anime "chick" in bondage? A hentie

7. What did Light say when L finally displayed irrefutable evidence that he was Kira? Yagami

8. Did you hear about the new Elric brother down in precinct? They say he's not as short as Edward but not as tall as Alfonse. He's called full middle alchemist!

9. So, after L died, Light had some pretty terrible dreams for a while. He dreamt that he came to work, only to find L sitting there waiting for him, in his characteristic crouching and barefoot way. 'You killed

me', L would snarl, and then L's feet would grow larger and hairier, and get claws, and L would start kicking and ripping and tearing and
stomping, and Light would wake up in a cold sweat. Yes, it was truly a nightmare of L’s feet.

10. Why did the Anti-Spiral want to buy a new washing machine? You just lost the game.

11. Say, what did Sekai say when her performance got a generally bad reception? I’ll get Makoto.

12. Keiichi was helping Rena with her math problems and told her to find the square root of 64, Rena was confused and asked Hauuuu?

13. So I went to the basketball game only to find Alice sitting alone. I sat down next to her and asked "How’s our team doing?" and she
replies “DOWN 2, DOWN 2, DOWN 2, DOWN 2.”