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Okay, first of all I’d like to say this is just a theory and there is guarantee this is going to work but I’ll try to explain.

First of we all know our world is made of Atoms the atoms divide into electrons, protons, neutrons and they again split into smaller pieces and so on ... based on this and the obvious interaction of shinigami with our world of atoms and molecules we can say that Spirit Particles have mass and that they react to gravity and quite a few laws of physics. Lets we can assume that they can be split in the pieces and the split pieces can damage and split other pieces of Spirit Particles to create a chain reaction that would cause a rapid expansion of heat , pressure and radiation. So why doesn’t a shinigami scientist build a “Spirit Bomb” and nuke(let’s assume that Sprit Particles have a core) the hell out of Mexico ? I think it’s quite easy for them to do it since they can fuse people together and all that stuff… so why don’t they build a Spirit Fusion Bomb (H-bomb) and just kill Aizen and everybody in mexico ?