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Ok, you know what? First off: I'm glad that moot created /jp/. Judging from the lurking I've done on /a/ these few days, the amount of faggotry has dropped exponentially. I stay the hell away from /jp/, and day /a/ has become more or less enjoyable to browse again. And I hope it stays that way.

HOWEVER. Nightshift /a/ has always been a totally different creature than day /a/. You really couldn't compare the two. And I miss nightshift /a/ as it was. And I especially miss the ronrey threads.

Yes, you could say that I can browse the ronrey thread on /jp/ and /a/ at the same time, which I do. However, it has none of the feel of the old ronrey threads on /a/. For one thing, at least half of /jp/ couldn't care less about /a/, or anime and manga. They come from other boards with a different base. Ronrey threads gave /a/ character; it put a human element to the mass of people called "Anonymous" who frequent this board. And although I'm generally not actually ronrey, it was enjoyable to actually see the various stories of other anons that had the same interests as me. Kind of like helping out a friend in need. And on the occasions that I do feel ronrey, /a/ is again like a friend helping out a friend. And I believe others feel the same way. What are other anon's thoughts on this?

In b4 possible b&(so where would discussion on the present state of /a/ go?), gb2/jp/, not your blog, etc.