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I can't believe what these assholes at school did to me.

I'm your stereotypical school nerd. I read Comic LO(I just tell people it's Naruto and close it when they try to see), don't have friends except for my fellow lolicons, am ugly and socially awkward, all that. This one day, a hot girl in my english class came up to me and flirted with me. She was saying stuff like "Hey baby.. what's your name?" "How's that book you're reading?" "I want you inside me." I totally fell for it. I can't fucking believe it. "Hey baby, here's my number ****-***, call me." She wrote me a note giving me what I thought was her number, but it wasn't. It was one of the guys who picks on me, and put the girl up to this whole fucking thing. When I called the number, him and his buddies just laughed at me, called me a faggot, told me that I will never have any chance with that girl.

I swear, I'm going to come to school with a baseball bat and make them pay for this.