Shigofumi edited AGAIN

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>The official Japanese website for the Shigofumi supernatural suspense anime has announced on Friday that the eighth episode ("Hajimari" or "Beginning") will be edited for television "in light of recent circumstances in the society at large." The same website used almost exactly the same wording in January to confirm that the third episode ("Tomodachi" or "Friends") was edited also. Like the previous time, the announcement gave no future explanation for the changes. The sixth episode ("Sakebi" or "Shout") was preempted by Sun TV, one of the eight stations broadcasting the series over the air.

>Shigofumi centers on Fumika, a messenger who sends the last letters from the dearly departed to those left behind. The eighth episode will premiere in Japan on Saturday, February 23. Bandai Visual USA will release the first DVD volume of this anime in North America on May 13, less than two months after the first Japanese DVD's release on March 25.

How many fucking episodes are they going to edit "due to recent events"?
Even Higurashi wasn't edited/preempted this much.