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so I just finished schoold days(slowpoke.jpeg) and let me say, it was a FUKKEN NIGHTMARE, it was TRAUMATIC, I feel... fuck it I couldn't even feel anything for an houre or two... so I'm here to take an advice from my beloved /a/, what can you throw at me that can recover me from what I've gone through? I want something simple, light with a fukken happy ending, is luck star good enough?

and a question about sekai
was she realy pregnant? i suppose she was since we saw her nausea but kotonoha was just so damn screwd in the head in her state to realize it

and I want a fukken sequel I want setsunato return and rip kotonaha to fukken pieces then put a flower on sekai's grave and return to france[/spoielr]

ps. as a man I say Makoto fukken deserved it.