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So /a, lets talk about anime. How do you expect one to take a break from the daily cycle?

I'm not talking the "oh I'll just wait a week for the next season" but I'm talking about almost turning off your brain when all you really have is anime, games, lol outside, movies, TV, etc. etc.

Telling yourself that shows don't matter and that they aren't the end of the world even though your mind wants to trick you into thinking that these people exist and somehow you're going to affect the outcome by secretly hoping certain things happen. At least it's better to start it before a new season since you'll have almost no knowledge of the shows airing.

None of the late night forum posting, the spoiler hunting, the constant worrying about what will happen, the watching the episode over and over trying to pick up subtle clues, none of that. Just a clear and refreshed mind that won't take run of the mill shows to seriously especially when you can't even see them on the DVD list in Japan.