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Maybe it's the fact that I'm not a student of animated film or whatever but I actually enjoyed the 4th episode of this series.

Yeah I did notice it was a bit "off" but it was off in an oddly pleasant sort of way.

Either way I'm at a bit of a lost as to why so many people insist that episode is such a steaming pile of shit and some folks even gave up watching the series over that episode. Someone please be my guiding light to show me what was so "GOD AWFUL" about the fourth episode of Gurren Lagann 'cos honestly I must be in the dark 'cos I liked it.

Seriously, if this is the "low point" I'm practically spooging my boxer-briefs here with excitement over what's to come in this series. This so-called low point kicks the ass of a lot of high points of many other anime that I've watched.