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In another thread, which was already deleted while i was writing this post, anon wrote this:

>It's like living behind the fucking Berlin wall. /a/ is the east BTW.

and it's so true, it hurts.

we have bleach and naruto threads in here and people start threads about centuries old anime with topics discussed in every fucking anime forum on the planet ad infinitum. but the leadership wants it that way, it tells us seriously discussing anime is good - everything else is capitalism. we don't need fast paced fun, because it distracts us from our socialist cause - we're here to discuss anime and manga after all.

the shooting order has yet to be given, we can go to the other side, but we have to come back because we won't know what will happen to our family over here if we don't.

of course, there are stasi informers hiding here and in every thread - always reporting suspicious activity to the state - they're listening right now.

even this thread is just moments away from being suppressed by the state.