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Ah, truly I am enjoying a man's ending to Valentine's Day.

I mixed some Infrared Shockwave and Cherry Bomb Jolt and let it sit out. It now kinds of tastes like Cherry Coke, only extremely flat. It progressively tastes worse the more I drink, but keeps me awake. The taste now is nothing past torture. I got a shiver down my spine the last drink.

I'm drinking it out of a pitcher poured into a shot glass. I'm sitting cross-legged and drinking it little by little. My own roneriness is behind me, all of the depression I've felt over the day. With but 20 minutes left until it ends, I've got no regrets. In fact, this day has been exactly as I wish to live my life. The only way to make this moment better would be if it were a cool Summer's night in the park, sitting in the silence of the public field where it's illegal to be at night.