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The usual start to the day greeted class 2H, their hopeless teacher was depressed about something again.
Bad dreams had left Nozomu Itoshiki in despair this morning, particularly ones he couldn't entirely remember and so he busily explained this to the class.
"Imagine you're dreaming about your favorite food... then it disappears... and you wake up HUNGRY"
as the words rolled off his tongue, Sensei's mind flickered, almost remembering something from what he had dreamt... but not quite.. so he put it out of his mind.
"or you suddenly dream about someone you don't like! And they've... INTERRUPTED YOUR SLEEP". He hollered this part to cover up the fact he'd almost choked as his idle memory flickered again. Someone, somebody he dreamt of.
"Sensei! Maybe that person just wants to be your friend!" Kafka offered a positive light, that stunned her teacher into silence for a moment... he had dreamt the previous night though he couldn't remember who of, someone that certainly wanted to be closer to him he was sure... he felt a blush creep up his whole body and quickly shuffled over to his desk where he sat, and barked at Chiri, to take over.
"it's better to let the Class president take some responsibility!" Sensei babbled slightly,
"discuss dreams, and write about why the unconscious mind is a despairing thing..."

The class obliged and their Sensei was left to his own issue, which at the moment was a rising heat in his hakama following some fleeting memories of the night before.
'how embarrassing' he thought to himself 'I'm not some adolescent... but..' he looked desperately around the class and at the door, considering leaving for the bathroom.
There was no chance, the room was crowded and he couldn't very well stand up without embarrassing himself.