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So today during one of my lectures, I was browsing through my collection of 2D girls on my laptop when some faggots behind me in the auditorium started laughing hysterically and derided me for being interested in 2D girls.

“Dude you’re over 18 years old. How do you justify your lifestyle to friends and family?”
“Isn't it embarrassing to be watching stuff like this as a grown up?”
“Don't you ever think how wrong it is to fantasize over pubescent cartoon children?”
“Why don’t you grow up and get a real girl instead of obsessing over those cartoon pictures?”

And one of them, a conceited bitch, commented how I was a pathetic loser and was going to spend Valentine’s alone. I tried to remain calm while ignoring them, but they continued taunting me and soon enough the entire room was watching us. *ZAWA ZAWA*