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Now, now. I'm surprised I haven't realized that any earlier.
/a/, I write this thread with the purpose of telling you of something really odd and fun I've noticed while leafing through the Abenobashi episodes sitting on my HD: in short, in one of them Sasshi and Arumi get phased in a mecha-themed alternate Abenobashi and they eventually end up taking control of a Mazinger lookalike to fight the one seen in the pic, which is for the record piloted by MuneMune and her crew. As the fight gets hotter, her enemy ship fuses with it and turn into an even larger mecha, shaped in the semblances of a drill-necked dragon. In response, the couple decide to combine theirs with the whole Abenobashi quarters and create an even more cumbersome one to fight her back.
Do this summary ring anyone's bell already?

Well, if so, here's my question is: which one borrowed the idea off the other first?
I know there are almost 5 years between the two series, but knowing jack crap about how long did the latter's production times stretch out for I don't want to venture into any wild guesses myself.