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I have a theory about Bleach: Zaraki Kenpachi is a Saiyan.

What a retarded thing to say, Gilbert Gottfried's voice, but I swear, I have proof. Follow me:

1) Ichigo vs Kenpachi: Ichigo wins, even if by a small margin
2) Kenpachi beats the ever loving hell out of Tousen.
3) Tousen easily cuts Grimmjow's arm off
4) Grimmjow is stronger than Bankai Ichigo, who is much stronger than the Shikai Ichigo who beat Kenpachi, and is is a good match for Vaizard Mask Bankai Ichigo.

Now, you might say "Tousen surprised Grimmjow, hence -arm." I say nay. From what I understand about Bleach Power Levels, as seen in the beginning of Ichigo vs Kenpachi, if you aren't stronger than someone, you can't cut them. At all.

Going with that, in terms of Power Levels, Ichigo > Kenpachi > Tousen > Grimmjow > Ichigo???

Obviously, there's only one explanation: Without any training, between fighting Ichigo and fighting Tousen, Kenpachi got a lot stronger. Who else gets stronger just by getting almost killed in battle? Saiyans.

Pic kinda related.