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The real issue of the problems we're having of late is the issue of board crossover and what to do about it. Board crossover is, in my view, when the topic of discussion between one or more boards overlaps. /jp/ and /a/ overlap quite a bit simply due to their nature (/a/ would rightly be a subset of /jp/ despite the boards being the inverse) and many topics are rather valid in both.

So what do we do? I say, let it be. If something is equally relevant, it can be on both. Is a figure /a/ or /jp/ (I won't even get into the /toy/ debate)? It depends, is it an anime or manga tie in figure or just an artist's independent creation? Is a visual novel /a/? It depends, does it have an anime or manga? If so, it's decidedly relevant to /a/, though mostly in regards to how the two mediums compare and in depth discussion should stay in /jp/ the way in-depth discussions of how mecha work should stay in /m/ even if we do the occasional mecha thread in /a/. Is Touhou /a/? Well, it has several official manga and considering the nature of its franchise, Unlimited Doujin Works should probably be considered /a/ as well (though who am I to dictate policy?) but full discussions of the games should probably be /jp/. Is music /a/? If it's from an anime or manga, yes. If not, is it Japanese? Then /jp/ or /mu/ as you see fit. If it's not Japanese, /mu/. I could go on with regards to the amounts of crossover from board to board, but I'll leave it at that.

What say you, /a/, is this a reasonable approach to how to deal with things? /jp/ was created because people wanted a place to discuss VNs, Touhou and half a dozen other things, so everyone got what they wanted in a sense. That's good, at the same time, we shouldn't attempt to shoehorn things that are /a/ relevant out of /a/ just because they can also go elsewhere. We should just use *both* boards to their fullest extents.