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I really should not be posting. It's going on 3 in the morning, and I have several pages of shit (i.e.; work) left to translate before noon tomorrow. I have even more shit to do after that. But what the hell.

Past few days, /a/ has been filled with baw. /jp/ happened, moot happened, and as they like to say, our world will never be the same. People are bitching about everything from shonen threads to Touhou to why are light novels allowed and not visual novels. In fact, it's safe to say that bitching about how shit /a/ is now takes up even MORE space than all the UBW trolling, Touhou spam, and unrelated memes took up before. Do you honestly want that?

People've that memes and board speed is what seperates /a/ from Gaia Online or Animesuki or Narutofan. Fuck that. What seperates us from them is that while we may be enormous faggots, assholes, and overall sons of bitches, we are enormous faggots, assholes, and overall sons of bitches who can tell gold apart from shit. We are not, as a whole, a group of people who've gathered around anime and manga to squee over the latest bishi kawaii pairing, or wonder whether Sasuke will really beat Itachi, or some other load of aromatic bullshit. I like to think you and I, we have this thing they're missing, called "a fucking brain."