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wtf is wrong with this series?
yuji is able to figure out tomogaras weaknesses and make strategies to beat them with bare minimum knowledge, yet fails to understand anything happening around him in his every day life
finally he makes a smart decision and then he gets shot down for it

yoshida is all "i dont mind if he doesnt love me, but i wont accept the way he said it" while shana is all "its good he wants to come with me, but i dont like his attitude, but i dont know why, so i dont want him to come with me now"

seriously, wtf, but ive figured it out now

yoshida and shana actually like each other, yuji is just their common ground that gives them a reason to interact with each other. with him making a choice they subconsciously realise that theyll be torn apart and so wont accept it
expect hot shana X yoshida action in 3 episodes