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Ah..Edmond. How long as it been? How long...since I watched an episode of your series? Read a volume of your manga? Been a while that's for sure.

I love you. I sincerely do. It all started seeing that horrible atrocity of a show they call "gankutsuou" they took your name out of YOUR show for god sakes.

But I continued to watch it. Even though it was shit and that everyone else was watching bleach, tsukihime, and one piece. I was watching your show. Adoring your seductiveness. I will never forget those days.

Geneon eventually released the "real" version of your show. I purchased every dvd don't worry. After watching them over in one fell marathon. I fell in love all over again.

Edmond Dantes. I cry every time I re-watch your show, or read your manga.


Because I know that I will NEVER, EVER find a man who will be as awesome or as dashing as you are.

Edmond. I wish you were real.