Surprisingly Good Series'

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Alright /a/, it's that time again.

Having proved itself surprisingly well in the past, let's see if /a/ can make some reccomendations on anime based on some ones I've recently watched. Once more, if they're anime you dislike, maybe recommend what you consider good in the same vein of the series.

So, recent interests have been along the lines of Kekkaishi, Busou Renkin, Elfen Lied (yes, I know. Shoosh, I liked it), Claymore, Fantastic Children and Zettai Shounen. Those last two aren't really the same type of show as the former, but they are damn good.

Any shows out there that are under-rated/okay-rated, that don't have to be the best show ever but are enjoyable if you don't watch it like a d-bag (looking at Elfen Lied rage)?

As for recommendations from me, despite it's slowness, Fantastic Children was great. Busou Renkin too, for a sort of normal Shounen series. 'course, most of the awesome is Chouno.