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/a/, I know this is going to be tough, but can we be civil here? I know it will fade in time anyhow, but can we cut the crap with the "not related to /a/, reported" and "take it to /jp/"? Let's just keep on talking about anime & manga and things immediately related thereto. Talking about VNs should be okay - if it's one that has an animated or manga adaptation (if it doesn't, take it to /jp/) and you're talking about both.

Constraining discussion shouldn't be the aim of having multiple boards, they should encourage even greater discussion. /co/ occasionally has a great anime thread or two. Should the starters of those threads be banned because they didn't take it to /a/? I don't think so. Sometimes talking about something on a different board will provide different insights (Remember those epic Saturday Nights from April to September of last year when /a/ and /m/ were both going crazy with Gurren-Lagann simultaneously?). So let's grow up, act a bit better than Animesuki (which everyone is seriously sounding like lately) and have a bit of fun.