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Good evening Anonymous.

I am Shinku, The Fifth Doll of The Rozen Maiden.

I am looking for a new servant, as my previous ones did not meet up to my expectations.

I have decided that the person whose post number ends in 00, will be my servant for life.

While you are serving me, you will be dressed in a a full girl's sunday outfit,knickers included, the design of which will change daily. This is regardless of your gender, So I don't want to hear any whining about that fact that a boy shouldn't dress like a lady.

Any deviation from my commands will result in a spanking or a whipping, depending on how severly you've crossed me.

You will be in my presence 24 hours of the day, with the sole exception of the time spent preparing my tea, or going to your job.

In short, all free time you have must be spent with me and dressed like a proper lady.

On weekend evenings, we will watch Detective Kun-Kun together and enjoy tea, so your life isn't "completely" in servitude to me.

I look foward to meeting my newest servant.