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"Fuck you Shinji! You'll never rape me!" she screamed, taking off running.

"I don't know how you figured out my plan, but no matter. BIND HER MARTY!" said Shinji snapping his fingers.

Marty was what Shinji had come to call the organic infrastructure of NERV headquarters, which had developed a low, base intellect. By Shinji's calculations, it was probably about as smart as Ozzy Ozbourn not on drugs.

Sinuous tentacles shot out from the organic bench and wrapped around Ritsuko's arms and legs as she tried to flee. She fell, but still tried to crawl on, grunting with effort as her fingers and toes dug into the floor. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" she screamed as even more tentacles slithered around her, grabbing her torso and neck. One tentacle began fondling her pussy...

Ritsuko gasped as a wave of pleasure shot through her, causing her to loose her concentration for a moment and she was instantly jerked back, the tentacles pulling her onto the bench and holding her down, her legs spread to either side of it. Ritsuko let out a scream of despair as the bench writhed beneath her, rubbing all over her back and sexy ass.