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So ep 4 finally got subbed. Yet again great episode. This time it even had a main theme that followed throught the whole story. And what a great story it was indeed! The lack of Meru-chan bothered me as usual but I decided to continue capping of all of her appearances because I do feel it's my duty as a fan. Anyways, the great episode was yet again polluted with excessive hikki scum. The reeking blanked wielding trash got all fanservicey again without any real relation to things going on with the actual plot. I do realise that sex sells and there prolly is a fuckton of retarded fanboys drooling over her deformed body, still this is getting fucking ridiculous. On the other hand she is definitely the only chara that sucks enough to quote Konata. And who the fuck in their right mind wears swimsuits indoors? That's right, only prostitutes. I kind of wish that she would do the coal hibernation thing soon, like the failure she is. Tell you what? The fact that she pretends to be great cook, as it was -perhaps falsely- portrayed in ep 3, doesn't make her fail any less. Non-tanned pack of shit.

Here are the complete Meru Meru screencaps from episode 4.