The loney chipper bird...

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One time there was a chipper bird who grew up like most other chipper birds. But he was different from the rest. While the other birds found interest in things like sports and music the chipper bird found his interests toward the songs of the birds who lived on the other side of the lake.

However because these songs were foreign and difficult to understand for the chipper birds family and friends they did not understand the chipper bird's fascination with the songs. Because of this he found himself alienated and alone from the other birds and in his seclusion he slowly grew fat and angry at the world who refused to be open minded to him or his interests.

However his loneliness was staved off by the writings of other chipper birds who were in the same position as him. The chipper bird believed he had found new friends in these other chipper birds who also enjoyed the songs from across the lake. However there was a problem.