Looks like Sasuke won

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Zetsu: Unbelievable! He put out fire with fire! Simply focusing your sight on the target makes it burst into black flames! These won't extinguish until the target's been charred to a crisp - works even on fire itself!

Amaterasu erupts on Sasuke's wing.

Sasuke: Guaaah!

Zetsu: So Itachi wins after all! He's stopped Amaterasu. He's going after his eyes.

As Itachi attempts to touch Sasuke's collapsed body, it melts away. Orochimaru's kawarimi!

Sasuke: Just the moment I've been waiting for! (He activates the curse seal level 2).

Itachi puts his hands to his eye and coughs blood repeatedly.

Sasuke "Katon, Gouryuuka no jutsu!"

(Gouryuuka: Grand Dragon Fire)

Dragon shaped flames strike Itachi's right arm.

Both (Sasuke and Itachi) are now panting violently.

Zetsu: They both look exhausted. I'd say they're out of chakra.

Sasuke's curse seal disappears.

Sasuke: I guess this'll be my last jutsu.

Itachi: Drop the act - sharingan detects chakra, and I can tell you're out of it.

Itachi: You used Orochimaru's kawarimi no jutsu to dodge Amaterasu. It's quite effective, but uses up a great deal of chakra.

Zetsu: Oh, I see. Since Sasuke absorbed Orochimaru...

Sasuke: Yeah, I'm out of chakra, alright - all of it went into that last Katon...but you really think I'd come here to kill you, without doing anything beforehand? It's the same...just like Amaterasu...you can't dodge it. Now then, the moment you've been waiting for: my rendition of your death!

Sasuke finally defeats Itachi! Next issue: "The ace up his sleeve!"