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Don't you just love lyrics like "FLY HIGH into the VAST BLUE SKY on WINGS of FREEDOM"?

Its time to play... Anime OP Lyrics Madlibs!

This will go in order; just say the number and the word to put in the space, and when all spaces are filled, I'll post the result--a well-known anime OP with the appropriate words replaced.

1. Noun.
2. Noun.
3. Verb.
4. Adjective
5. Verb
6. Verb, and <ing> form of that verb
7. Noun
8. Noun
9. Noun
10. <er> form of an adjective (e.g. "better")
11. Noun
12. Verb
13. Adjective
14. Noun
15. Noun
16. Noun
17. Verb