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Well, I don't know what to say about this change...
/a/ was shit for sure and that's why I was more and more away these days, only checking 10 minutes every 3 hours what was going on /a/ but...
This board was kinda good (In before, anon is tsundere for /a/ ) because we talked freely of everything about Japan: Anime, mangas, visual novel, voice actors, doujins, news, etc.
I didn't like the incest, the NSFW pics and other shitty stuff but I was used to it, since more than 2 years. And that's lot like thet'll stop.
I know you don't care about this but nevermind, let's define this
/a/: Animus, mangos, doujins
/jp/: Visual Novels, Japan Video Games, Dolls

Something of value was lost. I'm not sure it's good to split a community like that. We'll see if it's better or not I guess