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Ash: What's wrong boy?
Boy: I can't open the pokeball well.
Ash: Ah, you're putting to much power into it. Try to throw it more lightly.
Boy: Like this? *he throws the pokeball again, and it opens* You're right! You're amazin, mister!
Ash: Of course! Gotta catc- *he notices the boy isn't paying attention to him* No, I guess I caught 'em all already. *they see a group of new young Pokemon trainers and a Gym Leader walking along ahead*
Boy: Awesome! Look, it's the Gym Leader! There's a bunch of trainers!
Ash: Ah, you're right.
Boy: I wonder if I can be one too.
Ash: Of course you can. All the lights in the sky are pokeballs.
Ah, that's right. They're the stars where our pokemon friends are waiting.