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You want to discuss anime? Lets do it

I'm talking about anime addiction. Not the general "oh man that spring season looks awesome" but the 2-4am internet surfing Japanese websites, the sites official sites, fansub sites, all looking for that fix for whatever show you're currently addicted to. And no this isn't one of those series that /a follows like Gurren or whatever the flavor of the month is, this is one of those "niche" shows that you and only a handful of people know about so you're left obsessed while a group of people casually post on it.

Want to watch the series? To bad, it airs once a week and won't be over for another month! So have fun looking forward to four to six more weeks day in day out of worrying yourself close to a nervous breakdown while others can casually shrug the show off or go get addicted to something else. Games? Those won't help. Movies? Those won't help. Real life? HA!, you better look where you're.

You won't be satisfied until you know what happens and by then you fear that it'll be so heartbreaking or so radical compared to what you wanted that you'll burn out, get depressed, and curse the day you got addicted to that "silly show that had a better manga, game, light novel adaptation".

Then the next show rolls along with the same symptoms, the same six months of agony. Want to stop it? You can't. Want to not think about it and keep telling yourself you want a certain couple or certain things to happen? To bad you can't. You're stuck with the show as if it were a second head until the thing ends, and even then you'll look back on it and feel depressed.

This is the true face of many an anime fan.