RE: /a/ vs. /jp/

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/a/ is for anime and manga. /jp/ is for the rest of the shit you guys have cluttered up this board with.

/a/ seems to attract more complaints than any other board: "There are too many off-topic in my /a/!", "Get rid of 'x' threads!", "/a/ moves too fast!", "There are NWS pictures on /a/!", "Some janitor is deleting RULE BREAKING CONTENT, why?!", "I AM A HUGE FAGGOT RAPE MY FACE", etc.

There was once a time when /a/ was dedicated to the discussion of anime and manga, hence the title. This is a return to that time. Use this board for what it was intended for. Unhappy with that? Then don't use it at all. I am not going to make /vn/, /fig/, /touhou/ or whatever other flavor of the month boards you guys constantly request. /jp/ will be a catch-all for things that lack a board--/a/ has functioned as this for way too long. Stupid board rivalry will get you banned.

tl;dr: /a/ is for ANIME & MANGA. /jp/ is for any other fringe bullshit you guys have tried to argue belongs in /a/. This functions to return /a/ to its roots, and slow the pace down a bit.

How will you know what should go here? Ask yourself? IS THIS AN ANIME OR A MANGA? If yes, post it here. If no, post it wherever the hell else it belongs. Protip: If you can't figure out where it belongs, then maybe you shouldn't be posting it! That or post it in /b/--I hear they love weeaboo shit.