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This season is awesome!! At first i was unsure of Ghost Slide having only seen a few episodes and not sure what it was about but then having gotten more experiance with it and seeing more episodes i fell in love and got this boxset of the first season. It is a wonderful series filled with what all amimes should have...action, comedy, romance, and great edge of your seat battels!! No one battels as fine as ghost and no characters are more deep than what you find in this series. Each character posses a flaw that contributes to the series and their character making it a fantastic anime.

If you are a fan of the works of Rumiko Takehashi then you are sure to fall in love. Ghost Slide i s a series you cannot go wrong with! I have watched A LOT of anime and Ghost Slide is definatly a favorite of mine.

What is alos great about this set that it comes in the original japanese with the english subtitles which are very accurate in their translation. VIZ is def. a well renowed translator and ditributor of goood anime. You can def. trust thier translations. If you dont like japanese then you can watch it in good ol' english and laugh away as Ghost tries to clobber shippo or tries to understand Slide. There are no too many special features but you can watch the beginning and ending with out the text which is pretty cool and you get a cast and relationship chart.

This season is great!! Do not listen to those bias twits! They havent seen enough to truly love the series! Before the the ones on this page this box set had a perfect review with 5 stars! Read more reviews if you still need convincing...buut believe me....Ghost Slide is doubt about it.