Required Reading

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A slightly more exhaustive list than the first. Feel free to add things or say that something should be taken off.

Papa Nanka Daikira
The Girl Who Lacks Time
Sei So Tsui Dan Sha
Sister's Unusual Behavior Trilogy
Natural Milk Pie
Satan Guide My Cock
Food Network
Super Taboo
The Other Side Of The Wall
Final Half Year
Medicine Rub
Teikoku Onaniese
Under The Hot Blanket
It's Dinnertime
Family Zoo
The Demon and the Dreamless Guy
Take on Me
Playing with Kaoru-kun
Boys Empire
Fall In Hole In Wall Girl
We Are a Happy Family
Let's Review
Orphanage of Darkness
Breeding Diary
Midsummer's Demon
Life is Peachy
One Hot Minute
Hayate de Pon or Happy Eden 2
Imouto Pantsu
Magic of Skirts
Onegai Sister
Single Sided Romance
Pet Dog Protection Week
Slow Step
Bow Rei
Bondage Fairies
Delusion Diary
Really Miko - God's Invisible Pocket Monster
Summer Rally
Comic Lo
Little Sister Go
Stripe Cats
Soushisouai Note
Lolita Complex
Sister Sister
Family Circumstances
Secret Plot
Slut Girl
Hot Tails
Alice in Sexland
How To Wake A Sleeping Princess
Unawakening Spring Summer
Milk Hunters

Mai-chan's Daily Life
Girl In Concrete
Death Panda
Graduation and Beheading