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Good evening, Anonymous.

I am Shinku, The Fifth Doll of The Rozen Maiden.

I am looking for a new servant, as my previous ones did not live up to my standards.

In this case, I have decided that the person whose post number ends in 50 will be my servant for life.

Any deviation from my commands while you are under servitude will result in a spanking and/or whipping.

As long as you are my servant, you will remain in my presence 24 hours of the day, with the exception of the time spent preparing my tea.

As my servant,you will be dressed in proper attire, Meaning you will wear what I tell you to wear. No "T-Shirts" or "Jeans".

On the day when I am feeling in a mood to tease, you will be dressed in a full Sunday outfit made for girls, regardless of what gender you are, and you will enjoy tea with me. There will be no computers or television.

I enjoy meeting my newest servant.

~Shinku <3