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The stadium where Group C had been battling fell silent. A symphony of lights and sounds focused themselves on the door to the red corner. Maebara Keiichi walked out to the adoring crowds. In his hand was a steel bat, passed down to him from Houjou Satoshi. The citizens of Hinamizawa cheered from the crowds, their champion striding onto the stage. Keiichi took a deep breath, pointed his bat towards the blue corner, and issued a challenge. "Not even fate itself will stand in my way! Whoever thinks they can challenge me, I'll bring them all down!" Rena and Mion rushed to the front of the stands, waving their arms in his direction.

The stadium lights shifted to the blue corner now. A beautiful battle song echoed across the concrete walls, inspiring a hotblooded fervor in all whose ears it passed. Keiichi's competitor, removed of his shirt, entered the stadium. Shark Fujishiro, Masa-san, Seto Gozaburou and his daughter San, all of them resting from their previous battles, followed their champion. He stepped onto the stage, suddenly changing from a mere middle school boy to a tower of musclebound manliness, a bright red aura surrounding his body. Mawari, Luna and the others could be seen in the stands cheering for him. "This is for San-chan! For Masa! For true GAR!" Michishio Nagasumi roared. Keiichi only smirked.

The two charged at each other, bats and fists out - the battle began.