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ITT: Anime that you were initially/still are ashamed to admit that you Loved/Hated.

I loved both Negima series, even though I raged so fucking hard when I found out that the first one ended non-canonically and the second had more or less nothing to do with the story other than the characters.

Plus, them wimminz is cute and it actually managed to evoke some emotion from me, which, normally, is not an easy task.

Pic related.

Also, while I liked Death Note, I thought that many of the later episodes dragged on with out a point or purpose. Of course, I'm talking about after L dies.

And last but not least, I thought Lucky Star was adorable and certainly worth watching, but it got old after the first ten to twelve episodes. I swear to god, it's like Seinfeld but with lolis. Mind you, this is awesome, but without much plot development, nothing will happen. I don't mind if it's about nothing, as long as SOMETHING happens.

I know I'm practically BEGGING for a shitstorm here, but that's my take.

How about you, Anon?