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Oh, hello /a/, I hear you deal with the Japanese animays.

I need a nice film to watch please, an animay film. I like these moonspeak things: Tekkon Kinkreet, Lain, most Ghibli, All About Lily Chou-Chou etc etc. So, something compatible. It can be a romantic thing, if it doesn't have a male who is a loser-nerd frightened of the opposite sex as the main character.

Recommend me an anime movie that is good and doesn't have any fucking robots or (fucking) loli.

In return you won't get anything, but it's an excuse to massage e-penors and spam out the usual stuff that /a/ likes. And if /a/ is anything like /v/, this is incentive enough.

P.S. is Genius Party available online? Like, torrented anywhere?