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Finished reading GL novel. Here is my quick review:

-Much better than the previous entries, this is actually well-written.
-Gimmy is actually a character now.
-People that like BLATANT character development will probably enjoy a few new scenes.
-Little useless details people may enjoy knowing, like a full back-story for the prison bird beastman, Nia basically designing Kamina city(Kamina's statue, having faces in every building and making it basically a communist utopia in it's social structure) or more Ailack.
-The battle sequences are great, excellent use of wording.


-The BLATANT character development gets annoying with Simon and Nia. Since half of their characterization was done through visuals in the show, by lacking visuals the novel just lazily explains what they're feeling with straight descriptions. It's just not the same. Simon feeling lost when Nia became the Messenger was much, much, better depicted through animation, Nia's look of happiness and love at Simon's proposal was also pretty underwhelming when lacking Nishigori's great design.

Conclusion: As a whole I would give it 9/10 for almost everything other than the scenes based heavily over Simon or Nia. Possibilities for a translation are high, nevertheless.