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So, Lucky Star novel is out.

-Focuses mostly on the new girls (Yutaka, Minami, Patricia, Hiyori), only old girl with actual focus is Konata.
-Hiyori's successes make her devotion to making doujin in the end more plausible
-Shows a whole deal more development for Yutaka.
-Ends around episode 21 of the anime; the story will be continued in the 4th novel, which will be released in the summer
-No Kuroi-sensei; presumably the 4th novel will begin with her story
-Has scenes that couldn't make it into the anime
-There's a scene of Konata being directly criticized by a crowd
-Minami and Yutaka have more highlight scenes in class
-Gives a more convincing reason for why Sojiro let Konata play H-games.

Longer impressions if people want them.