To anyone who still care about SaiGAR

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Hey /a/, I'm the Kino proxyfag. I guess everyone is expecting me to mass-vote for Kino in this battle, but I won't do it since I'm getting tired of SaiGAR and it's kinda annoying to see others imitating me (Hosaka's victory today is not my doing, same for Rena)

Anyway, I'm going to reveal how I do vote floods, for what's it's worth. It's nothing complicated really, as many of you have guessed I just use proxies and a little bit of scripting (no botnet is involved). Regular web proxies which use non-standard ports work, but I prefer to use SOCKS proxies since there a lot more of them. I usually use these 2 sites:
There are thousands of fresh SOCKS proxies posted on these 2 sites everyday. I wrote scripts to use them in SaiGAR (everything is more or less automated) For various reasons the success rate is about 10%, which is potentially a few hundreds vote. The captchas are not a problem, a simple OCR program can decode them easily.

That's all. Do what you want with this, I don't care anymore.

(Oh, and I also did some experiments with Tor proxies to use them as a trump card in an hypothetical Kino vs Kamina match, but I didn't have time to actually implement that)

tl;dr: Kino is erotic