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I used to be a loser like most of /a/'s users. I was a virgin at the age of 19, had never kissed, and didn't know how to behave around girls.

Then I came over this incredible anime known as Cowboy Bebop. Through Faye Valentine I learned how woman truly are: condescending, arrogant whores that only want the unattainable.

Remember how Faye rejected all the guys who desired her body, while she was secretely fapping to the only guy who didn't like her: my sensei Spike Spiegel.

Spike Spiegel: A loser with no money nor friends. He taught me how to get chicks even though when I was a loser.

Stay calm, stay cool, don't look down on yourself, and have other goals than fucking chicks. Slowly they'll be flocking around you like flies on a dog shit.

I am 100% serious. Watch CB now to study the dynamics and art of seduction.

Good luck friends!